Pietro Disegna was born in San Stino di Livenza (VE) on September 13, 1964. His artistic activity is primarily expressed in painting and ceramic sculpture. In the field of painting, he shows remarkable versatility and continues to discover new and personal modes of expression, often very different from each other.

Disegna’s artistic poetics focuses on aspects of consciousness and the eugenic origins of the human being. Through a series of solo exhibitions, he has also brought his works to Japan.


Pietro Disegna’s artistic journey began at the State Art Institute of Venice, an institution renowned for its artistic tradition. During this time, Disegna met Luigina de Grandis, a painter dedicated to the study of color and the author of the book “Teoria e Uso del Colore” (“Theory and Use of Color”) published by Mondadori. This encounter marked the beginning of a formative relationship that would guide Pietro Disegna towards a deeper understanding of artistic elements.

After earning his Master of Art Diploma at the State Art Institute of Venice, Pietro Disegna continued his studies at the State Art Institute of Padua, achieving a Diploma of Artistic Maturity and further consolidating his education.

In search of new perspectives, Disegna attended Sculpture and Scenography courses at the Venice Academy of Fine Arts. His decision to earn a diploma at the Poliarte Academy of Design in Ancona was motivated by the desire to find an environment more conducive to his artistic growth, coupled with a degree of dissatisfaction with the Venetian academic setting.

Pietro Disegna’s educational path embraced various disciplines, including a Diploma as a professional Graphologist in “Psychology of Writing.” This provided the artist with a deeper perspective on graphic gestures and pictorial expression. Additional contributions to his education include attending the School of the Nude at the State Art Institute of Treviso, training in 3D Graphics and Photorealistic Animation, and delving into traditional painting techniques, from egg tempera to digital painting.


Pietro Disegna’s eclecticism has not been confined to the visual arts; it extends into music, evidenced by his achievement of a Diploma in music theory at the Giuseppe Tartini Conservatory of Music in Trieste. Additionally, Master’s degrees in Gestalt Counselling and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) have enriched his cultural repertoire.

Since 1998, Pietro Disegna has shared his expertise by conducting courses in freehand drawing, painting, and creativity enhancement across various regions of Italy. His artistic expression includes painting, sculpture, illustration, comics, and graphics, along with art counselling.

Furthermore, Disegna has served as a consultant for communication and image for companies in the cosmetics sector, delivering lectures on the theory and practice of color, graphic-pictorial expression, and creativity. He has also taught freehand drawing and painting at the University of Udine, Faculty of Educational Sciences.

In summary, Pietro Disegna has charted his course through an unrestricted artistic and educational journey, incorporating a wide spectrum of knowledge that transcends the boundaries of conventional art. His dedication to promoting art and creativity serves as an inspiration for aspiring artists across various disciplines.